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  • New Year’s ‘Lunch’ resolution

      Just a week into 2015 and no doubt that despite our best efforts and intentions, some of our new year’s resolutions have already been forgotten about. Making serious changes to our lives can be difficult, it really does take effort.  Many of us will have decided to make food related changes. Some will wish […]

  • The Christmas Cake

      Stir- up Sunday has been and gone, but if you like many others didn’t manage to get stirring over the weekend, there’s still time!    This week has been Christmas cake week at the Pumpkin Patch! Many of the regulars at the Pumpkin Patch have now weighed out, chopped and peeled, measured and stirred […]

  • It’s stir-up Sunday

      I only became aware of stir up Sunday sometime during the last few years. I usually made my Christmas cake whenever I found the time, and it was inevitably during the last few weeks in the run up to Christmas. I was usually found icing it late on Christmas Eve afternoon! I was totally […]

  • Little Pumpkins

      Having a large family, means that I’ve had more than my fair share of babies and and all the experiences that they bring. I loved every moment of time spent with each one of them at pretty much every stage of development. The odd sleepless night comes back to haunt me every so often, […]

  • Autumn Rain

      Last night, we experienced the first decent rain we’ve had in months!   I say experienced, I mean heard! I was tucked up in bed as the winds picked up and eventually started hurling rain towards my bedroom window. So in reality, I did not experience the first autumn rain. The garden this morning […]

  • Nuts about Nuts!

      One thing is for sure, I’m never the first to spot a good harvest of hazelnuts in the hedges.  As I walk along the country lanes looking and checking for blackberries, damsons, rose-hips and mushrooms, I’ll also be checking amongst the hazel branches for this years crop of nuts.  This year has been a good one […]

  • Mushrooms

      If there was ever a good reason to get up early on a cool, late summer morning, it’s to walk the dewy fields in search of wild field mushrooms.  At the beginning of August, when the morning sun warmed the air and made alfresco breakfasts a frequent luxury, getting up to make a mug […]

  • Whole Grain Salads

      I love summer salads! I can almost year you gasp and shake your heads with disapproval, but I’m not going to change my mind or withdraw my statement. I’m not talking limp greens and a soggy half tomato served with manky piece of cucumber and a radish if you’re lucky; I’m talking of delicious […]

  • Half Term Fun

      Love them or loathe them, barbecues are a sure sign that summer is upon us. Burnt sausages, charred chicken and rubbery meaty burgers seem to be the delight of many! For me, it’s the accompanying salads, the radish, home-grown tomatoes, cucumbers, salad potatoes … the list is endless. Give me a bowl of freshly […]