Wednesday morning Early learning cookery & craft for mums to be, new-borns, tiny tots and toddlers.
An opportunity for you and your little one to laugh and learn together (open from 9.30am, class begins at 10.30am- 12noon)
The relaxed, and fun workshops are run at two levels
You can enjoy plenty new food inspiration & recipes for you, the family and your little one. Advice on weening & feeding and preparing home made meals for all ages.
With your supervision and assistance your little one will create delicious sweet and savoury dishes and snacks for you to take home and enjoy together.
How it works
You work together (mix, roll, stir, knead, chop) to create the recipe of the day.
Lisa chats to parents about the dish, possible substitutions, advice on making it baby friendly, suitable for packed lunches or picnics, various other flavour options (vegetarian, or vegan)
The morning is totally relaxed and you’re free to use the play area when your toddler feels like a change if scenery!
The coffee area will be available during the break. Children can play or enjoy a related craft activity before leaving.
There is no need to book for this session – just show up on any Wednesday during term time. Each session costs £10

Please get in touch if you require any extra details 01267668682 or