Corporate Days

Y sied offers corporate team building and wellness days to help combat stress and fatigue caused by day to day life. The day aims to help staff to relax away from home and the workplace.

Y Sied has a calm yet stimulating environment and offers workshops aimed at bringing groups together while they learn new culinary skills. During the cookery workshop, the teams will learn some exciting new dishes based on flavour, ease of preparation, cost & nutrition.

We aim to bring families together at tea time to share time together, their stories as they prepare a good wholesome meal to eat together. This all helps to maintain a good work life balance, which is essential to the family and the employer.

For added fun, we can create team competitions, bake-off style, or offer demonstration only workshops for shorter visits with a greater emphasis on wellness and reward. Each visit will be tailor made to meet the groups requirements.

Please get in touch to discuss numbers, dates and options for your visit on 01267668682 or