The Summer Term :)

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Hi Everyone!
I hope you had a great Easter.  Just to let you know…… 
As the summer term is exceptionally busy, there will no longer be a Saturday morning class, however, we are increasing the number of afternoon cookery and gardening sessions. The Saturday morning class will begin again in September, so please keep in touch. 
The dates for the summer’s monthly Pumpkin Patch cookery afternoons are found below. Also listed are the dates of the Food Festivals and events that the Pumpkin Patch will be attending. These often offer free Pumpkin Patch cookery workshops and demonstrations, so please get in touch for more information.
April 20th Juniors   age 8+
April 27th Teens      age 12 +
May 11th /12th West Wales Food Fest
May 18th Juniors
May 25th Cothi Bridge Show
May 26th Really Wild Food Festival
May 28th Holiday Club – Half Term
June 8th Teens
June 15th Newcastle Emlyn Food Festival
June 22nd Juniors
June 29th Teens
July 6th Adults 
July 13th Juniors
July 20th Teens
The Summer Holiday Club will meet each Tuesday of the summer holidays. Places are limited, so please book early to reserve a place.
The cost for the junior and teen class is £20 (payable in advance) for the three hour cookery session 2pm – 5pm and £35 for the holiday club 10am – 3pm.
Please get in touch as soon as possible if you wish to reserve a place in any of the classes.
NB. The Pumpkin Patch have started an Adult cookery afternoon. 
The first of which will be held on Saturday the 6th of July. This will be a Bread and Jam workshop and will be a 4 hour session 2pm – 6pm. Please note there will be only 6 places available for this afternoon and therefore prior booking will be essential. 
Thank You, Lisa