Brighton Here We Come!!

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I’ve been neglecting my blog recently and it really isn’t good enough!! It’s not because I don’t enjoy writing or taking photos… it’s a matter of finding the time! There’s always so much to do, and sitting at the computer never really gets to the top of the ‘things I MUST do today’ list! This isn’t helped of course by the constant race to sit in the hot seat before someone else does… but then, during the day when they’re all at school, that’s not an issue!

Half term week is now over and so… I promise to post new updates on The Pumpkin Patch and what we’re up to WEEKLY!! Did I just say that??!

Over half term we took a mini break from the chickens, turkey, few sheep, pigs, cats and dog to visit Brighton! Wow… no mud, no Tractors! Trendy shops and bars and total anonymity, we had a great time! We did the usual touristy things of course, but most of all we enjoyed a break from routine. Just three days of being transported into a different way of life and culture, CITY culture!

A short break from the regular and familiar surroundings of home and home life, gives us a chance to step away and re-evaluate, to make decisions, and to see life from outside the usual bubble. It’s a good place to be for a short while, before happily stepping back, content to return to the good old familiar routine, re-energized and raring to go! Well, after finding then sorting the pile of dirty laundry lurking at the bottom of five kid’s bags

You can take the cook out of the kitchen… but you can’t stop her finding another one! My find of the week… Thorne’s locally-sourced produce café; well hidden (but well advertised) along Upper Gardner Street, in the North Laines. A beautiful but rustic café, serving delicious home made breads and wonderful bacon and sausages for breakfast, as well as a load of pastries. What a find and what a breakfast!

Well… for now, back to reality… must get ready for the Pumpkin Patch Teens’ Workshop at 6pm, and the ‘fun with pancakes’ day at Llwynhendy Children’s Center tomorrow! Must go…