The French Kitchen Garden

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I find visiting gardens an absolute delight, to compare and contrast (not in a horrible and judgmental way) with my own garden. It’s fun to see how others do things differently, to reassure myself that weeds do grow in other peoples gardens too!

On our recent holiday we visited some French gardens, now they have such a magical charm…they are just so… French! This is especially true if it’s the garden of one of France’s most recognizable and romantic chateau!

Chenonceau not only has the most beautiful formal garden full of standard roses and lavenders but better still, it has a wonderful kitchen garden filled to overflowing with cottage garden flowers and vegetables of all sorts, spilling out into the manicured gravel walkways.

That day, I chose not to compare and contrast with my own garden but to simply enjoy the splendor of the well attended and perfect garden. And of course, when I say perfect, I mean perfect in a charming non-perfect sort of way that only a working French kitchen garden can!

Now, back in my own garden, I’m full of ideas and ready to go!

Ready to transform my little ‘Pumpkin Patch’ into something spectacular next spring. For now, I’m busy clearing away the tired plants that have willingly supplied us with an abundance of fresh vegetables all summer. As I clear away and stack the old plant pots I’m already planning an early start in spring, so that the beds will be full and overflowing sooner rather that later next year.

Thoughts of that wonderful French kitchen garden will keep me going for quite a while!