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  • Portugese Custard Tarts, why not?

    This week I made Portuguese Custard tarts. They’re not something I bake frequently. I’ve no idea why, as they were absolutely delicious, just as always. I guess they are a bit more of a fiddle than many of my favourite recipes, but they really are worth the bother. I used shop bought pastry, but if […]

  • Home-made Presents from the Kitchen!

      At Christmas, more that at any other time of the year, it’s useful to get hints and tips on how to make things easier in and around the kitchen. Of course, these ideas can be applied to any time of year, but with extra guests and visitors turning up out of the blue at […]

  • A Healthy Winter Warmer

      After weeks of what can only be described as incessant and torrential rainfall, we had a drier colder week.  At last!  Okay, it didn’t last long and another storm in on the way, but at least we got a short break from the dampness that has virtually become the norm.     Crisp, beautiful […]

  • Garden Recovery

      It’s that time of year again, the time when the garden is looking just a little bit jaded. The vigorous growth of early summer is past, and the pace has begun to slow.  Post-holiday garden recovery mode is now complete, the grass has all been cut, and our few hedges have been trimmed, though […]

  • Leeks by Torchlight!

      The vegetable garden is now virtually empty, so the pantry or store cupboard is regularly raided, and baking cakes and breads have become the norm at The Pumpkin Patch.  Before Christmas, gingerbread cookies and shortbread were a hit, easy to make, easily made into all sorts of seasonal shapes & virtually impossible to get […]

  • New Year’s ‘Lunch’ resolution

      Just a week into 2015 and no doubt that despite our best efforts and intentions, some of our new year’s resolutions have already been forgotten about. Making serious changes to our lives can be difficult, it really does take effort.  Many of us will have decided to make food related changes. Some will wish […]

  • The Christmas Cake

      Stir- up Sunday has been and gone, but if you like many others didn’t manage to get stirring over the weekend, there’s still time!    This week has been Christmas cake week at the Pumpkin Patch! Many of the regulars at the Pumpkin Patch have now weighed out, chopped and peeled, measured and stirred […]

  • Little Pumpkins

      Having a large family, means that I’ve had more than my fair share of babies and and all the experiences that they bring. I loved every moment of time spent with each one of them at pretty much every stage of development. The odd sleepless night comes back to haunt me every so often, […]

  • Nuts about Nuts!

      One thing is for sure, I’m never the first to spot a good harvest of hazelnuts in the hedges.  As I walk along the country lanes looking and checking for blackberries, damsons, rose-hips and mushrooms, I’ll also be checking amongst the hazel branches for this years crop of nuts.  This year has been a good one […]