Food Festivals and Wellies!!

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It’s a crazy time of year…. food festivals, carnivals, fun days and rainy days!

This year, I either have, or will, be attending a huge number of Food Festivals and foody celebrations across the county and beyond. One thing’s for sure, they wont all be sunny hot days!

Before the very first show back in May, I decided that I really should invest in some replacement wellies! There was nothing wrong with the old pair, they still kept my feet dry and they did the job perfectly….. but they were just a little bit filthy!! Beyond a good scrub and a spray of flash bleach! Having done three, yes, three long years of gardening, part time farming and other things that wellies do, it was time for semi retirement or at least to go part time!

My brand new pair of sparkly clean and very pink and un-faded (unlike the last pair!!) wellies, are so comfortable and so pink! I want to wear them all the time but I don’t want to offend my old pair, so these are kept for best, for food festivals and clean mud! So, if you see me about on a rainy day, don’t forget to check my wellies – just to see what sort of day it is!