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  • Time to get gardening

      The last few weeks have been a tough few weeks for many people. We have enjoyed several lovely warm days, and due to the lockdown, we’ve had ample time to enjoy our gardens.  Some days have been bright and sunny, but with the a sharp cutting wind, but regardless, the sunshine has been wonderful […]

  • Autumn Rain

      Last night, we experienced the first decent rain we’ve had in months!   I say experienced, I mean heard! I was tucked up in bed as the winds picked up and eventually started hurling rain towards my bedroom window. So in reality, I did not experience the first autumn rain. The garden this morning […]

  • When will it be Spring?

    It may still be cold outside but the first signs of spring are evident – if you look hard. Even without venturing outside the postman brings the first reminders that Christmas has been and gone and it’s time to think ahead to warmer longer days. The seed catalogues arrive in abundance! Early daffodils and primulas, […]