Long Overdue

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It’s a task that I have to confess, I have postponed on several occasions. Now, there was no getting away from it, no escape, it had to be done!

Removing all the plants from the town center planters is not the highlight of any day. Planting them up is a different matter, I love that, but dismantling them and clearing away the old foliage, the compost and bagging up the perennials to take home isn’t quite so appealing. …. But did it!!

I had our small car, the one my husband likes to drive, so the boot was over full. Yes, I brushed out the boot afterwards so that he’ll never know!! ‘ Till now that is!!

Soon, I shall be planting up the spring bulbs. Already pushing their not so delicate little heads through the bare soil of their nursery accommodation, they will soon be graduating to the dizzy heights of a town Center display! Bring on the spring 🙂