Welcome Back!!

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Welcome Back….. It’s time to get cooking again!!

The first of the Autumn Pumpkin Patch cookery and gardening workshops will be held this Saturday 1st October!

The Summer holidays are now well over, the garden needs a thorough tidying up so it’s time to get back into action! We are still harvesting runner beans, French climbing beans and even strawberries at the Pumpkin Patch garden and the leeks we planted earlier this year are growing nicely!

This week we will have a welcome back barbecue in the garden starting at 10am.

This is a good time for your friends to join us so let them know. We’ll do a little gardening take some vegetables home to Mum and Dad for their Sunday lunch!

As a special event, this Monday night 3rd October we will have an apple evening!

I have borrowed an apple press and we’ll have some fun pressing apples to make apple juice! If you have some apples growing at home, collect them up and bring them along to make your own juice!

Looking forward to seeing you,

Lisa x